Introduction to Sumerian’s Capacity Planning as a Service

Introduction to Sumerian’s Capacity Planning as a Service 2017-03-22T16:20:05+00:00

Optimize your IT infrastructure, use your data to predict problems, target investment and reduce costs with Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS).

In today’s complex virtualized IT environments, it is increasingly difficult to maintain an accurate picture of your infrastructure capacity, keep it aligned and optimized to changing business needs and avoid capacity related downtime or outages.

Sumerian’s Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS) brings a fresh approach to capacity planning and management, Delivered as a self-service SaaS model, CPaaS is an intuitive agent-less SaaS application that analyses the infrastructure data that already exists in traditional, cloud and hybrid IT environments. It will highlight areas of infrastructure that need attention right now. It will detect complex growth trends and predict potential capacity related outages, weeks in advance. And it provides best-in-class ‘what-if’ Forward Thinking® scenario modelling capabilities to understand the impact of change on your infrastructure. Sumerian CPaaS has been ranked No. 1 in the market for strategy, innovation, customer satisfaction and value vs price (Research in Action, 2016).

Regain Control of your infrastructure, your services, using your data with our CPaaS service

Whether you are planning a technology refresh or cloud migration, concerned about upcoming business demand or optimizing infrastructure resources to save costs, Sumerian CPaaS provides the evidence to allow you to implement change with confidence.

With no agents to deploy, no hardware or database licenses to acquire you can be modelling your change scenarios, avoiding critical outages and determining optimisation and cost saving strategies within days or hours, not months.

Subscribe to CPaaS monthly using the service options that best suit your requirements. If you need some extra data science help, our award winning analysts are always available to lend a hand.

Our SaaS approach means that all the heavy lifting of data management, storage and modelling is dealt with by us. Leaving you to focus on the task at hand and addressing growth challenges of your organization.

By combining our advanced software with a highly flexible range of value add, expert services, CPaaS helps customers to implement a robust and integrated capacity planning framework, and build up their capacity planning capability at a level and pace that suits.

Our ISO 270001 accreditation gives you the peace of mind to be sure that your data is safe and secure.

Connecting Business with IT operations by informing ITSM

Sumerian CPaaS also integrates with ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, providing an understanding of capacity and outage risk from a service perspective through the ServiceNow UI. Allowing Service Managers to prioritize their attention and reduce the risk of outages on business critical services.

Deep-dive analytical services determine the correlation between service demand and infrastructure allowing you, via the SaaS Sumerian Capacity Planner tool, to predict the impact of business demand on infrastructure resources and, by integrating with the change management process, provide the evidence need to ensure the changes required are addressed.

Measurable outcomes

Our customers reduce their IT infrastructure CAPEX and OPEX spend by avoiding outages in business critical applications. Furthermore, projected costs of change programmes are significantly reduced by optimizing infrastructure configuration and rightsizing.

In 3 simple steps Sumerian’s advanced predictive modeling and powerful visualizations lets you quickly and accurately:

  • Baseline your current estate and assess what you have today
  • Scenario model all the options and evaluate the impact of change
  • Decide your optimal plan for action and export as a report

Using RESTful APIs, embed these Capacity Planning outcomes into your business workflow; informing requests for capacity, long term projections and change management.

With rapid time to value, measurable outcomes and significantly improved business processes, Sumerian CPaaS allows you to focus your attention on those parts of the infrastructure and business critical services requiring attention. Allowing you to provide the availability the business expects, when it is required and within budget.

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