Gain a fresh perspective on service risk and cost

Gain a fresh perspective on service risk and cost 2017-03-22T16:31:43+00:00

Managing multiple technologies and service providers across an enterprise IT environment to deliver the on demand services the business expects is a complex challenge. Maintaining high levels of performance and end user experience has never been tougher, with ever increasing complexity and change to manage beneath the covers. And it’s not just technology change – such as virtualization, containerization and hybrid cloud. With the number new business initiatives and new devices to support always growing, bringing constantly changing patterns of demand, keeping on top of what’s happening now, let alone what is needed for the future, is a major headache.

Against this backdrop, implementing a robust capacity management capability is crucial – helping service managers to gain control and quickly access the insight they need to assure future service performance, de-risk change and contain costs.

Power up your ServiceNow workflows with fresh insight

Using our certified Apps (available through the ServiceNow Store), Sumerian’s innovative Capacity Planner CPaaS (Capacity Planning as a Service) can be easily integrated with ServiceNow, providing fresh insight into service risk and cost to power up your ServiceNow workflows.

Capacity Planner automatically collects and aggregates resource utilization data from across your IT environment, for example from your existing monitoring tools, and combines this with data stored in ServiceNow – for example, business volume data, service mappings from the CMDB and available instances and cost data from the Catalog.

It then applies advanced analytical modelling to your data, converting it into powerful insight that can be used to inform your ServiceNow workflows.

For example, identifying a future risk to service – such as a disk volume that will fill up in two weeks’ time if no action is taken – and automatically raising an incident ticket so that the appropriate action is taken. Or, taking details from a change request and running them through the scenario modelling component to determine the resources required to support the change, and the potential impact on other services using shared infrastructure.

Take your incident management to the next level

Did you know that nearly 30% of critical outages are capacity-related? Capacity Planner’s advanced predictive analytics detects trends and patterns in your service data, accurately predicting future capacity-related issues that might impact service availability weeks and months in advance. These predicted capacity events are automatically logged as incidents in ServiceNow, giving your operations team ample time to take proactive, mitigating action and avoid any service performance impact or outage.

Proactively manage service risk

Sumerian Capacity Planner’s advanced analytics also generates a risk profile for each of your business services.The risk profile is based on the service policies you have set, the underlying resilience of the infrastructure the service is running on, how many servers within that infrastructure are running hot and how many capacity-related predictive events are associated with the service.

This service ‘Capacity Risk’ can be viewed as one of the service attributes in the ServiceNow CMDB, enabling an at-a-glance assessment of critical business services that may be at risk. Simple click through provides full detail of the capacity risk(s) Sumerian Capacity Planner has identified. And users are then able to click straight through into Capacity Planner itself to model potential ways of resolving the risk to service. For example, modelling the addition of more memory or bringing in new hardware. Once the desired change(s) have been modeled and assessed in Capacity Planner, the finalized change plan can be automatically exported through to ServiceNow as a change request, along with the associated plan detail, ready for action.

De-risk major service or infrastructure change

When introducing planned new services or major changes (e.g. a cloud migration or new service roll out), ServiceNow users can click through into Sumerian Capacity Planner’s advanced scenario modelling capability to accurately model the proposed change. Rapidly assessing the impact it will have across infrastructure resources and shared services, improving project success and protecting production services. Once the order and timing of the detailed change steps have been optimized in Capacity Planner, the full change plan can again be imported into ServiceNow as a change request, along with all the associated plan detail in an easy to read report, ready for action.

Gain new visibility of service costs

In addition to modelling service risk, Sumerian Capacity Planner can also give you fresh insight into your service cost profile. By taking and modelling recharge and hardware cost data from ServiceNow’s Catalog, it can provide an aggregate view of service cost. This means that when users are scenario modelling any changes, as outlined above, they will instantly be able to see the resulting cost impact. This new visibility will allow Service Managers to truly manage and balance cost vs risk across all of their key business services. For example, although rightsizing part of an infrastructure estate might reduce ongoing costs, the Service Manager may judge that it will increase the risk of capacity-related incidents beyond an acceptable level for a given service.