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24% cost-savings opportunity identified as part of a datacenter reconfiguration

Global Life Sciences company recognized that the level of growth was putting significant strain on its IT department.

75% reduction in server estate as part of a technology refresh

Large Tier 1 bank uses Sumerian’s CPaaS to simplify its server estate and dramatically reduce IT operating costs.

Public Sector firm reduces physical estate by 70% in technology refresh

This major public sector organization turns to Sumerian’s CPaaS to replace guesswork with facts.

300 outages avoided on critical banking services

Global bank uses Sumerian’s CPaaS to mitigate operational risk and bring down its IT operating costs.

Global enterprise achieves additional 30% annual operating cost reduction

Global financial services provider achieved cost savings of 30% per year with Sumerian’s CPaaS.

Investment bank makes multi-million pound savings and de-risks datacenter relocations

UK investment bank de-risks outsourcing and achieves significant cost savings.

Service provider saves 50% as part of a physical to virtualization migration

Service Provider executes virtualization program at half the planned cost.

Voice and data supplier audit for cost reduction

UK retail bank recovers £6.3m overcharge for outsourced voice and data services.

Asset brokerage firm reduces batch processing time by 15%

Leading multi-asset brokerage reduces overnight batch processing time with Sumerian CPaaS.