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Cost Optimization

Buy what you need

How do you balance costs to support the business demands with the risk of a capacity related outages?

With Sumerian Capacity Planner’s growth modelling capabilities and predictive analytics, you can be sure you have clear insight into your supporting infrastructure requirements.

  • Is growth exceeding expectations in one area and behind in another?
  • Does hardware need to be re-allocated to support it rather than buying more?
  • Is storage efficiently used?
  • How much of your storage is allocated but unused?

With Forward Thinking Scenario Modelling, you can model multiple scenarios for change, each with differing outcomes and make informed evidence-backed decisions

24% cost-savings opportunity identified as part of a datacenter reconfiguration

Global Life Sciences company recognized that the level of growth was putting significant strain on its IT department.

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Infrastructure Optimization

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

How do you get the best out of what you have?

With Sumerian Capacity Planner, you can quickly identify:

  • areas of the the IT estate that are most heavily constrained,
  • servers or clusters trending towards capacity or,
  • over provisioned and under utilised resources.

Forward Thinking Scenario Modelling allows you to determine if upgrades or lift-and-shift could avoid unnecessary hardware purchase.

Model multiple options and evaluate the relevant benefits and costs of each ensure that the right decisions are made.

75% reduction in server estate as part of a technology refresh

Large Tier 1 bank uses Sumerian’s CPaaS to simplify its server estate and dramatically reduce IT operating costs.

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Service Optimization

Optimal Service, at all times

As a service manager, how do you balance the risk of an outage of your business critical service with the costs of maintenance and support?

With Sumerian Capacity Planner you can:

  • translate business volumes into compute, storage and networking requirements,
  • discover long term trends to allow you to determine your requirements as growth increases,
  • identify under or over provisioned resources,
  • ensure capacity is retained to support peak business periods.

Using Forward Thinking Scenario Modelling you can address questions such as:

  • Does the business plans to increase users on a web platform impact on current configuration?
  • How many more web servers, db servers or application servers required to meet demand?
  • Does the supporting infrastructure have the capacity to meet the new configuration requirements?

Ensure that the change required across infrastructure and service configuration is in place for when the business needs it most.

Asset brokerage firm reduces batch processing time by 15%

Leading multi-asset brokerage reduces overnight batch processing time with Sumerian CPaaS.

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Thinking Long Term

Sumerian Capacity Planner provides all you need to understand your IT growth trends across the organization, plan hardware acquisitions and ensure capacity is always available.

  • Unaggregated historical data.
  • Visibility of long term trends in growth.
  • Saturation dates of infrastructure resources.

With our Forward Thinking scenario modelling, business growth projection models can be created, allowing you to model forecasted hardware and storage provisioning over weeks and months.

Public Sector firm reduces physical estate by 70% in technology refresh

This major public sector organization turns to Sumerian’s CPaaS to replace guesswork with facts.

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