Capacity planning in an age of agile and on-demand IT

Capacity planning in an age of agile and on-demand IT 2017-03-23T14:27:00+01:00

Analyst house, Freeform Dynamics, has published its latest market research on Capacity Management in association with Sumerian. Findings reveal that while the need for capacity planning has never been greater, very few organisations have the capabilities they need in place. Instead ‘overprovision and forget’ remains the de facto approach.

The consequence is a genuine mismatch between the IT infrastructure that businesses have in place versus what they actually need, supporting the widely held view that there continues to be a significant overspend on server capacity across industries.  Yet despite this overprovisioning, over half of organisations are still experiencing downtime and performance impacts due to capacity related issues.


Key findings:

  • 76% of IT professionals resort to overprovisioning IT infrastructure in order to avoid capacity related issues
  • Yet over half of organisations (59%) still experience downtime and service degradation as a result of capacity related issues


Read the full report here.