Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS) — a fresh approach

Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS) — a fresh approach 2017-03-22T16:25:36+00:00

In today’s complex, dynamic and heavily virtualized IT environments, it is increasingly difficult to maintain an accurate picture of your infrastructure capacity, and keep it aligned and optimized to changing business needs. Achieving visibility across your estate of resource demand and capacity headroom is a challenge—without it, it’s impossible to accurately predict how much more or less infrastructure you are going to need for the future.

Whether you need to work out how best to support a growth in demand, or you’re planning a technology refresh, consolidation or physical to virtual migration. You may even be ready for your  first V2V platform migration.

Extend your planning horizon

In 3 simple steps Sumerian’s advanced predictive modeling and powerful ‘sunburst’ visualization lets you quickly and accurately:

  • Baseline your current estate and assess what you have today
  • Scenario model all the options and evaluate the impact of change
  • Decide your optimal plan for action and export as a report

Giving you unprecedented confidence to ensure the right resources will be deployed at the right time and the right cost.

Why Sumerian Capacity Planner?

Customers tell us that Sumerian Capacity Planner has transformed the way they plan, run and optimize their IT infrastructure. Here are some of the reasons why they love it:

A step change in visibility of potential capacity issues
Most tools tell you what happened yesterday or what is happening now, a few even forecast imminent issues. Sumerian Capacity Planner lets you see much further ahead.

Using sophisticated machine learning and pattern match- ing techniques, Sumerian Capacity Planner extrapolates utilization data from across your infrastructure and forecasts when server and storage capacity issues will occur. Time series charts give you a detailed view onto both the relevant historic data and the forecast utilization profile, and provide a confidence level in that forecast.

This means you have days, sometimes weeks, of advance warning of potential problems—letting you take mitigating actions rather than rely on urgent, and o en disruptive, incident response.

An extended planning horizon into your IT future
Sumerian Capacity Planner is the only product on the market that lets you accurately assess your future IT options and select the right way forward with confidence. Its powerful Forward Thinking scenario modeling lets you create as many ‘what if’ models as you like.

This means you can model strategic programs such as moving to the cloud, physical to virtual transformations, changing hypervisors or different platform options. You can play out commissioning new datacenters or decommission- ing hardware. The list is endless.

And because the modeling is based on real data from your environment, our proven statistical techniques provide accurate, quantified evidence you need to support any investment business case.

Disaster recovery planning
Every now and again you will have an audit. Inevitably this means you need to demonstrate to the Business Continuity guys what your DR plan is and prove whether it will work— not an easy thing to do. With Sumerian Capacity Planner’s advanced modeling, you can conduct an Infrastructure walk through of a DR event. You can simulate a datacenter failure or a hardware failure, and demonstrate the impact. Determine what can and cannot be recovered, then export all information to a report—ideal for a Business Continuity audit.

Four weeks work now done in an hour!

The accuracy of our predictive analytics and modeling
We have been working with customers applying analytics to help them with IT infrastructure planning and transformation programs for years—so we really know how this stuff works and the best techniques to apply. All that know-how and real world experience is distilled into Sumerian Capacity Planner. Sumerian Capacity Planner’s predictions and forecasts are all grounded in the granular data captured from your existing hardware estate. You can click right through to all the under- lying data at any time. It knows how to deal with the complexities of volatile capacity metrics such as Memory and CPU, and apply hardware and hypervisor recommendations in terms of capacity constraints. It applies statistics to deal with different workloads peaking at different times. It applies industry benchmarks to model different CPU architectures.

This means statistically accurate insight that you can rely on to inform your plans and decisions about your future IT.

Full coverage and vendor independence
We are not trying to sell hardware nor do we have any restrictions on the technology we work with. It doesn’t matter whether you use VMware, HyperV or RedHat, physical servers or the cloud—we can cover it all. This means you get a new level of comprehensive insight across your entire environment.

New insight in hours
Because we use data that already exists, from your server logs and tooling, and because Sumerian Capacity Planner is available as a SaaS, we can have you up and running in a matter of hours. No big upfront investment or lengthy rollout required.