ITRS Group Acquires Leader in Capacity Planning and Management, Sumerian

Deal complements ITRS existing real-time monitoring and investigation to meet customer demand to prevent outages and reduce costs ITRS Group, the leading provider of real-time monitoring and IT operations analytics, has announced it has acquired capacity management firm, Sumerian. The move comes after a successful nine-month partnership with Sumerian and the development of ITRS Insights [...]

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Losing one’s mind over memory choices

Capacity Optimisation, Predictive Analytics and Memory Modelling We’re often asked by customers, “Why does my memory show 99% used? That’s a capacity issue, right?” Well, the answer is typically, “not necessarily” and as with most memory-related questions, there is usually a bit of further investigation required into the context. Invariably, the question turns out to [...]

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Predictive Analytics for Service Resilience

Pretty good predictions for really good service management A recent study in the UK by the British Banking Association revealed that 19M people in the UK regularly logged onto a mobile banking app and that mobile banking apps are used almost exclusively by nearly 70% of millennials for their financial transactions. The direction of travel [...]

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Making data extraction less like tooth extraction

As a company, we have a lot of experience with various virtualization technologies and pride ourselves on our innovative thinking, proactive approach, and ability to collect and analyse our client’s data in our software-as-a-service product. Our Capacity Planner product is very powerful and intuitive. Getting data from a client’s virtual estate has in the past [...]

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Correlation, Causation, Analytics and Pumpkins

Informing Predictive Analytics with Automated Analytics and Human Insight I saw a tweet that made me laugh at Halloween… It’s all too easy to infer causation from correlation –butterflies flapping their wings in Japan causing lightning storms in Nova Scotia… migration patterns of geese affecting the price of sausages… or an application volume driver causing [...]

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Sumerian announce partnership with ITRS

Providing predictive analytics on application performance and capacity ITRS has been well-known in the financial world for its infrastructure and applications monitoring tool Geneos for over 20 years. But with continued developments in capacity management, the firm has diversified its technology. Thanks to a strategic partnership with Sumerian, ITRS can now offer state-of-the-art time series [...]

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Providing evidence for change

In my travels, I talk to a lot of IT Service Managers.  Amongst their many challenges, one is having the evidence they need to support a change.  It's all very well thinking you need new storage, new hardware or new VMs to support growth in your service, but, most service managers lack the evidence they [...]

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Our new detailed reporting feature – available now

The sunburst visualisation is perfect for very quickly summarising capacity and headroom across your estate.  In a single visualisation, you can see all your data centres, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, physical servers and more.  It’s a fantastically impactful image and behind that visualisation is a vast amount of un-aggregated data, hundreds of millions of data [...]

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We’re off to ServiceNow Knowledge17

Next week, I'm going to be in Orlando Conference Centre at ServiceNow Knowledge17.  Having attended last year, I know that it's a great event to learn about the platform, meet new people and create new opportunities for partnership.  It's a pretty hectic couple of days.  I'm particularly interested in the IT Keynote on Wednesday. [...]

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Our new look

Given that you’re here, you’ll undoubtedly have seen our new website.  I hope you like it.  We’ve overhauled the entire thing and made the look and feel of the product and website more consistent.  Sumerian is a product company, and the primary aim of this update has been to really put our product, Sumerian Capacity [...]

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