About Sumerian, part of ITRS Group

About Sumerian, part of ITRS Group 2018-06-22T10:30:38+00:00

Company introduction

Sumerian is now part of ITRS Group, a leader in real-time monitoring and operational analytics solutions. We help progressive enterprises power up their IT Operations and Service Management with fresh insight into service cost and risks. Our predictive capacity analytics helps customers to assure service performance and successfully implement complex IT infrastructure change such as technology transformations, cloud migrations and supporting business growth.

We do this by applying advanced predictive analytics to IT capacity planning. Sumerian’s Capacity Planner CPaaS (Capacity Planning as a Service) provides accurate insight into current IT infrastructure capacity, predicts future capacity issues, and rapidly models and assesses the impact of future change.

Our results speak for themselves – working with leading global enterprises, applying our Forward Thinking predictive analytics, to achieve significant IT performance gains and save millions in reduced costs.


What do we mean by Forward Thinking predictive analytics?

There are quite a few companies out there doing all sorts of analytics and producing all sorts of software to help companies improve their IT operations and service management, but what we’re really good at is applying predictive analytics to help de-risk decisions about your future IT. Helping you to proactively avoid potential incidents, accurately plan future capacity, identify cost savings and understand the impact of change (e.g. moving a datacenter or virtualizing your IT estate).

We’re really good at it because we’ve developed a unique ‘what if’ scenario modeling capability, and way of applying advanced statistical modeling and machine learning to extrapolate and project future IT outcomes.

Our customers have saved many millions of pounds using our Forward Thinking predictive analytics – through identifying tangible cost savings and targeting future investment for maximum return.

And because our analytics is based on hard data, IT teams can act with confidence to achieve benefits they may otherwise hesitate to address.

CPaaS (Capacity Planning as a Service)

Our experience working with leading global companies has taught us a lot about the real world application of analytics to IT Operations and Service Management. All that knowledge and experience is distilled into our Sumerian Capacity Planner software – which sits at the heart of our Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS).