ITRS Group Acquires Sumerian

ITRS Group Acquires Leader in Capacity Planning and Management, Sumerian

Deal complements ITRS existing real-time monitoring and investigation to meet customer demand to prevent outages and reduce costs

ITRS Group, the leading provider of real-time monitoring and IT operations analytics, has announced it has acquired capacity management firm, Sumerian. The move comes after a successful nine-month partnership with Sumerian and the development of ITRS Insights Capacity Planner.

Sumerian’s software complements ITRS’ product suite. The technology takes large-scale data from ITRS’ Geneos – and other monitoring tools – into a powerful predictive analytics engine, which recommends optimisations, uses machine learning to predict future issues, and quantifies business risks through best in class scenario modelling. This is an increasingly important function for customers who have to manage ever more complex technology estates, and make more efficient use of IT resources according to business priorities and expected future demand.

Guy Warren, CEO at ITRS, said: “Customers need to avoid downtime from over-used capacity issues, and save money by spotting under-used resources. Capacity Planner addresses both of these issues. For financial institutions, in many jurisdictions it is a regulatory requirement to be able to report your business capacity, including in a disaster recovery fail over situation. Incorporating Sumerian’s Application Demand Modelling will allow ITRS to support exactly these needs, taking advantage of a capacity management market which is expected to grow from US$600 million in 2018 to over US$1.5 billion by 2023.”

Sumerian CEO, Peter Duffy added: “ITRS’ strengths and credibility in the industry, alongside our technologically advanced systems will mean customers can access sophisticated capacity models based on machine learning and advanced analytics. This will not only optimise costs for in-house and cloud estates but prevent capacity and performance issues in a market where the financial and reputational costs of outages are more damaging than ever. In the future, this integration with richer data sets from Geneos will enable us to develop more powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities for our customers.”

Peter Duffy and his management team at Sumerian are staying with the company and will assist to manage the transition, while integrating various functions into the appropriate parts of ITRS. Sumerian Capacity Planner will be rebranded into ITRS Insights Capacity Planner in due course.

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ITRS creates software that transforms the mass of raw data generated by organisations into meaningful information, enabling clients to understand the performance of their critical systems and to influence their businesses intelligently. With over 20 years’ experience, ITRS delivers out-of-the-box solutions that can be customised, ensuring prompt time-to-market and return on investment. ITRS is proud to provide solutions that over 190 leading global clients, including investment banks, exchanges, trading venues, hedge funds, brokers and vendors, use every second of every day, giving them the essential capability they need to take intelligent action.

About Sumerian

Sumerian helps progressive enterprises power up their IT Operations and Service Management with fresh insight into service cost and risks. Our predictive capacity analytics helps customers to assure service performance and successfully implement complex IT infrastructure change such as technology transformations, cloud migrations and supporting business growth. We do this by applying advanced predictive analytics to IT capacity planning. Sumerian’s Capacity Planner CPaaS (Capacity Planning as a Service) provides accurate insight into current IT infrastructure capacity, predicts future capacity issues, and rapidly models and assesses the impact of future change.

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