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Predictive Analytics for Service Resilience

Pretty good predictions for really good service management A recent study in the UK by the British Banking Association revealed that 19M people in the UK regularly logged onto a mobile banking app and that mobile banking apps are used almost exclusively by nearly 70% of millennials for their financial transactions. The direction of travel [...]

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Making data extraction less like tooth extraction

As a company, we have a lot of experience with various virtualization technologies and pride ourselves on our innovative thinking, proactive approach, and ability to collect and analyse our client’s data in our software-as-a-service product. Our Capacity Planner product is very powerful and intuitive. Getting data from a client’s virtual estate has in the past [...]

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Correlation, Causation, Analytics and Pumpkins

Informing Predictive Analytics with Automated Analytics and Human Insight I saw a tweet that made me laugh at Halloween… It’s all too easy to infer causation from correlation –butterflies flapping their wings in Japan causing lightning storms in Nova Scotia… migration patterns of geese affecting the price of sausages… or an application volume driver causing [...]

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