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Providing evidence for change

In my travels, I talk to a lot of IT Service Managers.  Amongst their many challenges, one is having the evidence they need to support a change.  It's all very well thinking you need new storage, new hardware or new VMs to support growth in your service, but, most service managers lack the evidence they [...]

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Our new detailed reporting feature – available now

The sunburst visualisation is perfect for very quickly summarising capacity and headroom across your estate.  In a single visualisation, you can see all your data centres, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, physical servers and more.  It’s a fantastically impactful image and behind that visualisation is a vast amount of un-aggregated data, hundreds of millions of data [...]

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We’re off to ServiceNow Knowledge17

Next week, I'm going to be in Orlando Conference Centre at ServiceNow Knowledge17.  Having attended last year, I know that it's a great event to learn about the platform, meet new people and create new opportunities for partnership.  It's a pretty hectic couple of days.  I'm particularly interested in the IT Keynote on Wednesday. [...]

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Our new look

Given that you’re here, you’ll undoubtedly have seen our new website.  I hope you like it.  We’ve overhauled the entire thing and made the look and feel of the product and website more consistent.  Sumerian is a product company, and the primary aim of this update has been to really put our product, Sumerian Capacity [...]

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