Sumerian offers capacity planning in the cloud

Sumerian offers capacity planning in the cloud

Peter Duffy, CTO at Sumerian, talks to Data Centre News about how Capacity Planning as a Service or CPaaS can help with data centre consolidations by taking an analytical approach. 

Datacenter Dynamics included the Sumerian’s CPaaS launch in its online magazine following Peter Judge’s briefing with David Stevens and Peter Duffy in February 2015. Peter has included two pieces on Sumerian in the magazine which can be found here (page 11) and here (page 24).

The first piece entitled “Sumerian to offer capacity planning” offers a brief overview of CPaaS saying that “the service allows customers to upload their current IT estate and any projected changes, getting back capacity projections and “sunburst” visualizations of their future IT infrastructure.” Additionally, some great snippets from Peter have been included: “We take data from customers and pull it into our environment,” explained Duffy. “There are no new agents required – it is a light-touch approach.”

The second piece entitled “Sumerian: capacity planning in the cloud,”  includes a photo of Peter and discusses how “Cloud computing may have solved capacity planning – and not by replacing your data centre with fairy dust.” It goes on to detail how CPaaS can draw in information about multiple environments and it also includes another quote from Peter: “Our CPaaS shows customers exactly what capacity headroom they have now across their IT estate and makes it easier to accurately forecast for future IT spend.”


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