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Transform your IT Service Management with predictive capacity analytics

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Gain a fresh perspective on IT service risk and cost with Sumerian's powerful predictive analytics. Sumerian CPaaS integrates fully with ServiceNow to power up your service management workflows, such as incident management, problem management and change management, with new insight for your key business services.

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Learn more about how you can gain control of service risk and costs, and assure your future service performance with Sumerian's CPaaS (Capacity Planning as a Service). Our advanced predictive analytics will power up all of your key Service Management and ITIL processes with new insight.

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Achieving Excellence

Ever feel like you're herding cats trying to manage all those suppliers and assure service to the business? Sumerian CPaaS can put you back in control – making sure multi-sourced IT continues to deliver the right resources, at the right time and right cost to meet business needs.

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Sumerian CPaaS powers up your IT service management workflows with powerful new insight

Interested in reducing risk, saving costs and assuring IT performance?

Imagine having the ability to transform your IT operations and service management with powerful new insight into service risk and cost. The ability to see into your IT future and de-risk your service performance and plans for change… well, now you can do just that. Whether you're trying to understand your headroom for growth, gain advance insight into issues that might impact future service performance, or plan a major change - when you can see what happens next, you can act with confidence.

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Learn how Sumerian CPaaS integrates with ServiceNow. See in action how it works.

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Peter Duffy

See our CTO Peter Duffy talking capacity planning and the cloud on

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BBA Aviation

BBA Aviation’s critical IT service planning takes off with Sumerian CPaaS.

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